My First Soldering Class

My first sterling silver soldering class was February, 2019.


It was a rainy day and I remember looking out of the shop window and seeing a rainbow. It was a memorable day because I had spent the last decade wanting to learn how to solder (join metal). The rainbow seemed symbolic. I was going to make my own treasure.

The first class was every bit as magical as I imagined. I loved holding the torch, I loved using the dremel. I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. There was a learning curve but at the end of the class I had a finished product that I loved. The idea of having a vision, bringing it into physical form and wearing it, was so exciting to me. I felt like an alchemist. 

I got home and literally went to the drawing board, sketching pieces I wanted to wear. I have made hundreds of jewelry items since my first class. It’s a fun and rewarding process. 

I decided to open Kai Simon Boutique when people kept asking me where they could buy my jewelry and I started running out of storage for my pieces. 

Each piece is made with care. I hope you will enjoy wearing it or gifting it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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